I’ll be at Emerald City Comic Con this coming weekend (March 27, 28, & 29) and one of the big announcements I can finally make is that Blood & Glory issue #1 will be officially released at the con!

Above is the cover reveal for the first issue. Amazing artist Kasey Cleek did the cover and all the art including pencils, inks, & colors. It’s got this really cool “watercolor” vibe to it that adds to the sense of foreboding hopefully captured in the story. I created the story and characters and am the writer for this series.

The story¬†combines elements of action/adventure, drama, and horror into a unique comic experience. Here’s a quick synopsis of what this series is about:

Set during the last days of WWII, a conscientious objector named Hegland finds himself hunted by a phantom in the woods of Northern Germany.

I’m really proud of this issue. I think it’s some of the best comic writing I’ve done yet. I can’t wait to hear what others think once the issue is released this coming week!