Genre mash-ups so rarely work but thankfully, Bone Tomahawk is the exception. A combination of western and horror, Bone Tomahawk provides a harrowing journey into the darkest parts of the old west where ordinary men meet up with disturbed cannibal savages. The conclusion is particularly harrowing as the film turns from a strong western into straight-up horror film with great results. Think a toned down version of Blood Meridian and you have a pretty good idea of what this film is going for.

The dialogue is crisp and highly formalized with lots of interesting conversations and character moments along the way. The acting is superb with Kurt Russell (who was born to act in westerns) leading a fabulous cast including Richard Jenkins (one of the most underrated actors working today) and Patrick Wilson who is strong here as well. We’ve got a minor renaissance in independent westerns going on right now and Bone Tomahawk brings more quality and some originality to the genre with great results.