Deathstalker II is an absolute blast. This is the funniest of all the sword and sorcery films out there. Unlike other “B” movies of the genre, Deathstalker II does not take itself seriously and because of that, it works better than most. It knows the premise, scenes, sets, costumes, and acting are ridiculous and the film embraces all of that, mining it for clever one-liners, situational comedy, and over-the-top action.

And despite this film being more comedic, it actually somehow nails the dungeon and dragons feel better than most of the other films that actually set out to do it seriously. There’s a weird contrast between some overly sexist moments (as many of these films have) with an ending that has the heroines defeating the bad guys and tremendous girl power moments. Crazy, start to finish, this is one of the funnest of all the sword and sorcery movies.