I’d heard Seventh Son was a complete, unmitigated film disaster so I’d been avoiding seeing this since it was released earlier this year. But it’s getting to the end of the year, and there’s still several films I wanted to see for 2015 that I missed so I gave this a spin. Maybe I was just in a good mood because this was nowhere near as bad as I heard.

Sure, the CG pretty much sucks across the board and a lot of the story is derivative but honestly, the acting isn’t bad here and some of the creatures (although poorly rendered) have cool designs. Ben Barnes as the lead is quite good and I know Jeff Bridges took a ton of heat for his off-kilter portrayal of Master Gregory but I thought he was pretty awesome. I liked his character. He was pretty funny and honestly, also pretty believable. Mark this one down as one of the “better than you heard” films of 2015. If you like fantasy movies, this ain’t near as bad as you were told and maybe deserves a look.