At first, Stretch started out kind of fun. I liked the set up and the humor. There’s a cameo early on from David Hasselhoff that is laugh-out-loud funny (wish the Hoff was getting more comedy work – he’s really good at it). But then things get less creative, more LA-inside-baseball, and the film loses major steam about 5 minutes after Chris Pine is on screen.

Pine’s character is so forced, so not funny, that it takes most of the fun right out of the film. Being outrageous is what passes for comedy these days but showing gross outs and out-of-this-world sexual innuendo isn’t clever or new. All of it just hits with a thud and for the last half of the film, I could barely make it through. This is a totally forgettable film from a director (Joe Carnahan) who should be doing much more interesting and better work.