Phew, this is quite a grueling journey, watching human pieces of filth argue over trivial, mundane, trumped-up interpersonal issues. The best word that describes the characters in this film is: “sad”. Incredibly sad. Tangerine follows the story of a trans-gendered prostitute who is released from prison and goes on a revenge hunt for her pimp. What’s notable about Tangerine (besides being on a few best of the year lists) is that it was filmed all on iPhone 5s but before you get too worried, it actually gives it an interesting, documentary-like feel. And the acting is incredible. The street people portrayed by the actors/actresses are so believable, so tragic.

The film absolutely accomplishes its goal of bringing you into the day to day lives of these street people. It’s like a different world they occupy and all the filth, grime, drugs, ugliness, and sorrow of that world is portrayed with raw precision. One thing’s for sure after seeing this, it makes me so sad to think that our brave men & women in blue have to deal with these types of people each night and day. This is a tough, tough film to watch. I wouldn’t recommend it to most because it’s so tough but it is a well-made and challenging film and I can at least see why it hit some best of the year lists. If the above description of this film doesn’t make you shy away, if nothing else, your mind will be opened a bit to the sad plight of these characters.