Absolutely ridiculous, start to finish and I loved it, start to finish. This is an Indonesian film from the early 80’s about a nymphomaniac magic queen who kidnaps men from local villages and forces them into bondage to her. Our heroes must acquire the devil’s sword in order to defeat her.

Where to begin… One of the first scenes is a massive action set piece set in a village where a demon crashes a wedding and slaughters most of the town in a flurry of swords and staffs. There’s blood everywhere on the level of the House of Blue Leaves scene in Kill Bill Volume 1. Then there’s long scenes of the queen seducing her lovers in totally fake ways, but the highlight has to be an action scene at the halfway point where our heroes battle alligator men that jump out of a lake. They fight them on a wooden raft and all of the water jumping is done in reverse. Hilarious.

If you love bizarre sword and sorcery movies and martial arts, this is a must see.