It’s been so long since I saw Tombstone, I’d nearly forgot every scene. Wow, this is so good. I had forgotten how really great everything is about Tombstone. It’s got a classic Western feel, a throwback in its scenes and characterizations, but it’s also cleverly updated, modern, and with amazingly high stakes and thrills. Like a great John Wayne western for the modern movie-goer.

For a film that had a troubled production (the director was fired midway through), the film is great. Most of that credit goes to Kurt Russell who besides being the lead, also ghost-directed the film. It really is amazing and makes me wish Russell would have directed more films. Of course everyone loves Val Kilmer’s Doc Holiday and for good reason, he’s excellent here as well. The whole cast just rocks. A brilliant script makes Tombstone truly special. This along with Unforgiven are the two best Westerns of the 1990’s. An absolute classic.