Psychopomps: Shepherds of the Dead

Psychopomps: Shepherds of the Dead

Psychopomps: Shepherds of the Dead

My short story: Little Bundle of Death was published in this anthology.

This gripping ‘graveyard read’ features tenuous yet tasteful tales of those intermediaries, supernatural beings, mythic creatures, deities, and other figures or forces rumored to attend one’s final departure.Buy Psychopomps: Shepherds of the Dead




Blood & Glory Issue 1

Blood & Glory Issue #1

Blood & Glory (Comic Book Series)

Set during the last days of WWII, a conscientious objector named Hegland finds himself hunted by a phantom in the woods of Northern Germany.

Blood & Glory combines elements of action/adventure, drama, and horror into a unique comic experience.

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Tales of the Macabre West

Tales of the Macabre West

Tales of the Macabre West (Book)

Five thrilling tales of death in the Old West. Set in the rugged American west of the late 19th century, Tales of the Macabre West is filled with tales of black magic, Native American ghosts, demons, redemption, and death.

Stories included: The Gallows at Rocky Point, The Scarecrow, Friend or Fiend, The Unfinished Business of Bill Parsons, and A Disappearing Town.

Available in both paperback and eBook.

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Shutter Issue #1

Shutter Issue #1

Shutter (Comic Book series)

The American west of the mid 1860’s. A place of rugged beauty, unyielding individualism, iron wills, and opportunistic greed. Each person searching for something all their own. Land. A new start. A change of scenery. But most of all… gold.

When an obsessive inventor builds a camera that can actually take men’s souls, this unusual device sets in motion events that could bring about a calamity of apocalyptic proportions. Shutter is a sweeping tale of optimism, selfishness, redemption, and the darkness that lays inside the soul of each man that went West.

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8-Bit Issue #1

8-Bit Issue #1

8-Bit (Comic Book series)

Dexter has hardly slept in days. His life is falling apart. His parents are divorcing. He is weeks behind schedule with work and something strange is happening with his television. Dexter works for the video game world record organization Parallel Universes and he has more VHS tapes of player scores than he can handle.

When Dexter drifts off while watching a high score attempt, he finds the game has come to life and he is in the middle of a new 8-Bit reality. It’s 1983 and a series of strange events are about to rock Dexter’s small Northwestern town

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Bukeey Issue #1

Bukeey Issue #1

Bukeey (Comic Book series)

What Bukeey lacks in skill, he makes up for in bravery. Even though he is young, he thinks he is a great warrior which ends up getting him into a lot of trouble. With his best friend Dez, Bukeey is always looking for danger.

When Bukeey’s grandfather tells him the tale of a demon bear that lives deep in the dark forest, Bukeey realizes he may not be as brave as he thought. If he goes looking for trouble, he may not be so lucky this time. Join Bukeey and his friends in this hilarious and thrilling adventure for the whole family.

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