I was checking on website stats from last year and was a bit surprised to see some of the posts that were the most visited in 2014. Here’s a quick run-down on which blog posts were most popular in 2014:

1) Interstellar Explained

I kind of knew this was going to be number 1. I’ve gotten more email, comments, and retweets on this post than any other I’ve ever done. Just reading back through it recently, I’m actually pretty proud of how this one came together.


2) 4 Big Differences Between The Walking Dead TV Show and Comic

With the popularity of The Walking Dead bigger than ever, this one also wasn’t a shock. I’m glad so many people found this post interesting. I’d love for more of the fans of the TV show to get into the comics. New comic fans are always a good thing.


3) Kubrick’s Non-submersible Units – Writing Without a Narrative

Couldn’t believe this made the top 5. I’ve gotten an amazing amount of hits on this post. I had no idea there were so many interested in learning about Kubrick’s story telling techniques. Glad to see the love for this brilliant filmmaker.


4) Joss Whedon Writing Techniques

Whedon is and has been super-hot for quite a while but now that he is basically controlling the overall story at Marvel Studios and handling the first two Avengers films, it seems the appetite to learn more about him and his techniques is bigger than ever.


5) 8 Most Underrated Christmas Movies

This was a super fun post to write so I’m glad it’s getting so many hits. I hope people will discover some of these lesser-known Christmas films and seek them out. Some of them are a bit hard to find so any increased interest will hopefully make these films easier to see in the future. Maybe someone will find a new Christmas classic that will become part of their yearly traditions.