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Ben is an author, comic creator, and filmmaker. He is the writer of several popular comic book series including: Shutter, 8-Bit, Bukeey, and Blood & Glory. He wrote the screenplay for the award-winning sci-fi film Marooned (2012) and recently published his first book, a collection of stories about death in the American old west titled: Tales of the Macabre West.

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Ben is a writer, comic creator, and filmmaker. He is the writer of several popular, independent comic book series including: Shutter (horror / western), 8-Bit (classic video game adventure), Bukeey (adventure/comedy for youth readers) and Blood & Glory (WWII / horror).

In 2012, he wrote the screenplay for the short science-fiction film: Marooned which went on to win the top prize at the Houston International Film Festival and garnered audience choice awards at both the Phoenix Comic-Con Film Festival and the Boston Sci-Fi Film Festival. His next film: The Shadow of the Mountain (a suspense/horror film) will be released in 2015.

Ben has several published short stories including: The Evil Leading the Blind, a short western/horror story published in Creeps Magazine in 2013 and The Endless Peace of the Unknown, a science fiction short story published in RadarStation Magazine in December 2014. His first book: Tales of the Macabre West, a collection of five stories about death in the American old west, was published in December 2014.

Ben’s short story: Little Bundle of Death was published as part of the anthology Psychopomps: Shepherds of the Dead in September 2015.

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I’m available for interviews, book signings, speaking engagements, and guest blog posts.

My full Bio and other details can be found on my About page.

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